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If I get lost in the jungle, how do I find my way out?

What To Do If You're Lost In The Jungle

Suppose you get lost during a jungle adventure tour.

1. Start off by figuring out where you came from and establish your back-track option. If you're on a discernable ridge, swath, or footpath, it should be no problem to back-track it back to a recognizable jungle travel trail.
2. If you're definitely off the beaten path, estimate how many minutes it's been since you last saw something resembling a trail and what direction that's in.
3. If you're completely stymied and in a situation where visibility is low such as in a valley, you may need to rise above the canopy by heading part-way up a hill or ridge to get your bearings.
4. If all else fails, downstream or downhill is usually the answer if you absolutely have no other.

Of course, having a topographic map, compass, GPS unit, or just paying attention to the jungle can save you a lot of trouble.

What kind of food should I bring on my jungle tour?

Jungle Hiking And Food

Pack a lunch for your jungle tour that is light but high in carbohydrates, as your jungle travel will be drawing heavily on the glycogen stored in your body during the jungle hike.

Some dried or fresh fruits are also a good idea to help restore the minerals and vitamins used by your body. And don't forget to stay hydrated! The heat will make you sweat and you must restore those fluids!

What can I use to signal with if I get lost in the jungle?

Signalling In The Jungle

The easiest way to deal with getting lost on a jungle tour is never to get lost in the first place. When embarking on jungle experiences, take a few things that will help people find you if you end up someplace unexpected:

* Bring a chemical light stick
* Bring a whistle
* Bring a flashlight with extra batteries.
* You can also buy small strobe lights that run on a single D battery. Even in the jungle, the powerful strobe can be seen for miles from the air.
* Another neat trick is to tie a discarded CD disk to your back pack. The mirror-like surface can catch even the scant light in the jungle and make it easier for others to see you.

How do I pack for a jungle expedition?

Packing For Your Jungle Tour

When packing for a jungle expedition, think light. Not only will this save wear and tear on your back and feet, but some jungle expedition trails actually have weight limits on what hikers can bring.

Probably the most important item in jungle travel is water. A long day hike could require as much as 6 to 8 liters per person to stay hydrated. Some jungle hikers bring portable water purification gear, but this requires you to scramble down to ponds or streams, and then climb back up to the trail again. Iodine tablets can also purify water found in the jungle, but it leaves a nasty taste and prolonged use is not good for you.

* Ask your jungle touring company what they do to provide water during your hike so you can really prepare.

Do I need to worry about it getting dark?

Jungle Tours And Sunsets

Once you've chosen a trail to hike on your jungle expedition, it is important to determine the day's sunset time. Subtract at least one hour from that time and plan to return from your jungle tour to the trailhead by then.

Remember, sunset times change throughout the year giving you less daylight hours in winter months. Always give yourself a good cushion of time - a margin for error - in case something happens. Set a turn-around time - and stick to it. You don't want to get stuck in a foreign jungle overnight.

Do I need to buy my own jungle expedition equipment?

Equipment For Jungle Tours

Most jungle experiences provide any specialized equipment you may need, such as rubber boots or special head and safety gear.

Before you arrive for your jungle expedition, find out for sure. Most reputable tour companies will provide you with a list of things you need to take. You are going to want to consider wet weather gear, footwear, bug repellant, sun screens, hats and clothing - so get their recommendations and buy accordingly.

How do I choose a jungle trail?

Choosing A Jungle Trail

While on a jungle tour, choose the trail best suited for you in terms of stamina and strength required and what you want to experience. Here are some tips for choosing the right trail and pace:
• Consider what you want to see:
o Views
o Swimming
o Wildlife photography
o Wildlife adventures, etc.
• Examine your past experiences with both normal and emergency situations involving physical activity. Consider that heat and humidity will likely exacerbate any conditions you have, so be wary of signing on for an intense hike in the heat if you have any health conditions.
• If you are new to jungle hiking, you may want to get some experience to put under your belt. Consider doing an intense hike in your own area and see how you feel afterwards in terms of length of hike and different elevations.
• Try what you think would be an "easy" trail first. You can then get an initial handle on your limits. (Remember, the harder trails will always be there for later).

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