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What is a unique trip in the U.S. that is economical and includes hiking, biking, rafting, and long period camping in a remote location?

Unique Camping Trip: Try Assateague National Seashore!

For a unique camping and hiking trip combined with some beach relaxing, Assateague National Seashore is a good choice. The island is famous for its wild ponies (their population starting from a shipwreck way back in the pirate days!)

The National Park Service-run island offers campsites year round, but since it is Maryland, consider that winters can get quite cold.

Although the island covers parts of both Maryland and Virginia, only the part in Maryland is available for camping. This is an excellent area for things such as hiking and backpacking as well as camping.

Don't be shocked to find out that you have to share your space with the horses! Assateague Island also offers bird watching and there is other wildlife all over the island.

Find this unique camping spot near Ocean City, Maryland. Find particulars about cost, etc. at

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