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What adventure travel opportunities does Panama have to offer?

Adventure Travel Panama

Think of Panama and most people think of the Panama Canal. However, Panama is host to some magnificent natural scenery, including some of the most pristine areas of rainforest in the world. Panama and Panamanian Resorts are great for wildlife photography tours, and bird watching tours will enjoy the 940 recorded bird species found nowhere else on the planet.

The developing tourist industry is concentrating on eco-tourism. Although not well known for its beaches, Panama has almost 3,000km of coastline, perfect for snorkeling tours or scuba diving tours. The coral reefs and unspoild sands are as gorgeous as any of the more celebrated beaches in the region, with excellent hotels nearby. These are located both on the Caribbean in the north and on the Pacific in the south.

What adventure travel opportunities does Ecuador have to offer?

Adventure Travel Ecuador

Ecuador has an array of vibrant indigenous peoples, well-preserved colonial architecture, otherworldly volcanic landscapes and dense rainforest.

From the capital at Quito, you are no more than a day's travel from a jungle tour or wildlife photography tours through Amazon jungles, trekking up the slope of an active volcano, a sociable haggle with indigenous artesanos or a guided snorkeling tour along a tropical beach.

Somewhat more distant are the Galapagos Islands. Owned by Ecuador since 1832, the Galapagos are lauded as one of the world's greatest natural history treasures, their unique diversity of plant and animal life living laboratory for scientists and casual observers alike.

What adventure travel opportunities does Honduras have to offer?

Adventure Travel Honduras

This charming central american country is beginning to develop a travel and tourist infrastructure partly based on ecotourism.

A number of national parks in the cloud forest, coastal wetlands and mountain interior have been established. Outdoor activities are popular, an ideal environment for hiking, rafting tours, and Honduras bird watching tours and adventure travel.

Combining this with an essential visit to the magnificent Copán archaeology site and the beaches of the Bay Islands, makes for a wonderful and varied holiday itinerary.

What adventure travel opportunities does Brazil have to offer?

Adventure Travel Brazil

For hundreds of years, Brazil has symbolised the great escape into a primordial, tropical paradise, igniting the Western imagination like no other South American country. From the mad passion of Carnaval to the immensity of the dark Amazon, it is a country of mythic proportions.

Perhaps it's not quite the Eden of popular imagination, but it's still a land of staggering beauty. There are stretches of unexplored rainforest, ideal for the hiking adventure traveler, islands with pristine tropical beaches, for snorkelers and ecotourists alike, and endless rivers. And there are the people themselves, who delight the visitor with their energy and joy.

What adventure travel opportunities does Costa Rica have to offer?

Adventure Travel Costa Rica

With plenty of wildlife tours, wildlife photography tours, and alternative Costa Rica adventure travel, Costa Rica is quickly becoming one of the most popular travel destinations in Central America.

Ecotourism and Costa Rica are synonymous and there great opportunities for wildlife viewing, bird watching, surfing, jungle tours and other outdoor activities.

Costa Rica's stunning scenic heritage unfolds in an ever-changing panorama of steaming volcanoes, bright beaches, forested mountains, dramatic skies and idyllic countryside. Dark lowland jungles give way to rolling savannas; Pacific surf crashes against rocky headlands, in sharp contrast to the tranquility of palm-fringed Caribbean beaches.

What adventure travel opportunities does Peru have to offer?

Adventure Travel Peru

Peru contains a microcosm of what South America has to offer.

* A diverse terrain ranges from dramatic snow-capped mountains to vast swathes of accessible virgin rainforest and an arid desert coast.
* It is most famous for the well-preserved archaeology sites and cultural remnants of the pre-Columbian Incas such as the famous city of Machu Piccu.
* Travelers are drawn to the unusual archaeology sites of other Inca citadels in the beautiful Sacred Valley, close to the lovingly preserved city of Cusco, whose colonial structures were built on Inca foundations.
* The spectacular Colca Canyon, the dazzling blue waters of Lake Titicaca and the lodges of the Amazon basin offer the visitor the opportunity to enjoy boating tours, kayaking, snorkeling tours and scuba diving tours.

What adventure travel opportunities does Columbia have to offer?

Adventure Travel Colombia

Although frequently in the news, Colombia is an outstanding tourist destination in South America. Small colonial towns along the Caribbean coast, well-appointed hotels, large national parks, Andean valleys and mountains and beautiful rainforest combine to make a visit to Colombia a remarkable experience for someone seeking adventure.

Whether it's a jungle tour, the grand old towns of Cartagena, the wildlife tour of the biological diversity at Parque Nacional Tayrona or a newly discovered archaeology site at La Ciudad Perdida, you can find adventure in Colombia.

What adventure travel opportunities does Chile have to offer?

Adventure Travel Chile

From salty-desert top to glacier-crowded bottom, Chile is a spectacular reminder of nature's beauty and power and a modern center of ecommerce and ebusiness.

This narrow trickle of a country is jammed with adventure travel and ecotourist attractions:
* Geysers
* Mountains
* Beaches
* Forests
* Volcanoes

Travelers are mostly drawn to this string bean country because of its spectacular Pacific coastline and Andean highlands, and because of the opportunities it offers for kayaking tours, river boat tours, wildlife tours, and other adventure sports.

What adventure travel opportunities does Belize have to offer?

Adventure Travel Belize

Dabbling its toes in the Caribbean Sea, Belize and has more in common with its island neighbors than with nearby Central America. English-speaking, Creole-dominated, this adventure travel and vacation spot has an atmosphere so laid-back it's almost comatose.

Unpaved roads, high prices and a lack of infrastructure make travel and tourism challenging. The country compensates with it's famous Belize scuba diving tours, some of the best in the world and caving tours, dramatic Mayan archaeology sites, fascinating jungle tours and secluded eco-lodges catering to the most sedentary adventurers.

What adventure travel opportunities does Mexico have to offer?

Adventure Travel Mexico

Mexico offers a mix of impressive archaeology sites, fascinating colonial towns, history, beautiful beaches and resorts, and traditional artisan markets.

It is a country of great contrasts, where indigenous peoples co-exist side by side with modern technological achievements.

Holidays taken in Mexico can include everything from whale watching in Baja California, Mexican jungle experiences in Palenque, relaxing in luxurious international hotels and resorts, to a Cancun jungle tour or happy hour in a Puerto Vallarta bar.

You will not want to miss the stunning archaeology sites of the Aztec and Mayan civilizations. Mexico is full of amazing adventure travel options, so don't miss any!

What adventure travel opportunities does Argentina have to offer?

Adventure Travel Argentina

From Buenos Aires to Patagonia, Argentina offers a vast array of new experiences for even the seasoned adventure traveler.

* Hike on one of the greatest glaciers in the world.
* Enjoy a guided fishing trip.
* Visit "The End of the World Light-house", the most southerly light house on the planet.
* Watch a "franca" whale frolic in the ocean.
* Arouse your partner's sensuality at a "Tango" night.
* Enjoy the unspoiled wildness of Patagonia.

Argentina is an amazing adventure travel destination that actually allows you to go from winter like to summer like climate in one trip. If you are an avid skiier, a trekker or a fisherman, you will find a great option!

What adventure travel opportunities does Nicaragua have to offer?

Adventure Travel Nicaragua

For the more adventurous traveler Nicaragua has a lot to offer. There are seventeen volcanoes, picturesque lakes, unexplored mountains and vast swathes of pristine rainforest brimming with wildlife which is testament to the country's biodiversity.

Travel and tourism highlights include Jungle tours, wildlife adventure tours, and much more await adventurous visitors. The Pacific beaches are unspoiled and a haven for snorkeling tours and scuba diving tours, while the markets offer good quality arts and crafts, especially hammocks, basketwork, wood-carvings and ceramics.

What adventure travel opportunities does Guatemala have to offer?

Adventure Travel Guatemala

For those interested in learning about the Mayan history, Guatemala is a fantastic adventure travel destination to see archaeology sites rich with the works of the ancient Mayans.

Set in the jungle, the spectacular pyramids of Tikal are a sight to behold. Towering pyramids rise out of the jungle's green canopy, while below the abundant wildlife emits sounds of the jungle as your jungle tour, bird watching tour or wildlife photography tour treks through this amazing site.

Markets, mountains, jungles and ancient ruins give the visitor to Guatemala a chance to experience the delights of this small Central American country.

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