What To Do If You're Lost In The Jungle

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If I get lost in the jungle, how do I find my way out?

What To Do If You're Lost In The Jungle

Suppose you get lost during a jungle adventure tour.

1. Start off by figuring out where you came from and establish your back-track option. If you're on a discernable ridge, swath, or footpath, it should be no problem to back-track it back to a recognizable jungle travel trail.
2. If you're definitely off the beaten path, estimate how many minutes it's been since you last saw something resembling a trail and what direction that's in.
3. If you're completely stymied and in a situation where visibility is low such as in a valley, you may need to rise above the canopy by heading part-way up a hill or ridge to get your bearings.
4. If all else fails, downstream or downhill is usually the answer if you absolutely have no other.

Of course, having a topographic map, compass, GPS unit, or just paying attention to the jungle can save you a lot of trouble.



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