Choosing A Jungle Trail

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How do I choose a jungle trail?

Choosing A Jungle Trail

While on a jungle tour, choose the trail best suited for you in terms of stamina and strength required and what you want to experience. Here are some tips for choosing the right trail and pace:
• Consider what you want to see:
o Views
o Swimming
o Wildlife photography
o Wildlife adventures, etc.
• Examine your past experiences with both normal and emergency situations involving physical activity. Consider that heat and humidity will likely exacerbate any conditions you have, so be wary of signing on for an intense hike in the heat if you have any health conditions.
• If you are new to jungle hiking, you may want to get some experience to put under your belt. Consider doing an intense hike in your own area and see how you feel afterwards in terms of length of hike and different elevations.
• Try what you think would be an "easy" trail first. You can then get an initial handle on your limits. (Remember, the harder trails will always be there for later).



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