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Can I buy archaeological artifacts?

Buying Archaeological Artifacts

If your adventure travel interest is archaeology, you may want to buy archaeological artifacts. Everyplace where you find archaeological digs, you will find people who offer to sell you artifacts. A few of these places are legitimate and sell only items that are so common that some can be sold.

If you aren't sure, check with the local government, tour guide, or the concierge of your hotel. There are two good reasons for caution. First, the fabrication of fake antiquities is rampant in many areas with archaeology sites. Second, the artifact might be looted. If it came from an illegal archaeological dig, you might face some awkward moments while bringing it back through customs.

Moreover, an artifact's scientific value is destroyed if it is removed from an archaeology site without careful documentation. If you must have an artifact or something like it, look for quality reproductions in gift shops, or buy only from a licensed dealer who can give you a solid provenance for your artifacts.

How do I participate in an archaeological dig?

Participating In An Archaeological Dig

Some archeology travel tours offer you the chance to participate in an actual archaeological dig. This is a great way for tourists to get up close and personal with some unusual archaeology sites and participate in the actual process.

However, be warned. Archaeology has been defined as "the science of moving mountains with a toothbrush". It's hard, dusty work, and often very dull unless you're really into archaeology. Your hotel accommodations are unlikely to be first-class; you might even find yourself staying in a tent.

If you live to watch history emerge from the dust, consider one of the many opportunities to do hands-on archaeology for real. Enjoy the archeology and the roots of ancient Kosrae Island at The Kosrae Village Dive and Eco Resort on Kosrae Island, Micronesia for instance, or look into the many archeological tours available throughout Mexico and South America. By choosing a tour or resort that is water accessible, the dry and dusty work of archeology won't have the opportunity to get tedious.

Is there a problem with looting on archaeological sites?

Looting Of Archaeological Artifacts

Looting of artifacts from archaeological digs is a serious problem all over the world. In fact, the size of the illegal antiquities market is even larger than the illegal drug trade.

Many countries have learned how to turn their archaeology into tourist attractions, bringing badly-needed money to locals who would otherwise be tempted to loot and sell their own heritage.

Some of the best archaeological sites now even employ former looters as tour guides. Enjoy the archeology of Mayan Ruins at The Inn at Robert's Grove at Placencia, Belize.

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