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What would be a good way to experience the great outdoors?

Spend A Night On The River

Experience the Great Outdoors with a trip down a river followed by an overnight camping excursion. Several outdoor adventure centers offer package deals that include whitewater rafting, canoeing or kayaking, as well as meals and accommodations. Choose from a wide range of packages based on your group's skill levels and previous experiences. All you have to do is sign up -- and pay a fee, of course. Start your day on the river participating in your chosen water sport. For lunch, your guides will serve up a packaged lunch, typically sandwiches, chips and cookies. Hop back into your vessel to continue downstream until dinner time. While you wade in the waters or go for a short hike, your guides will set up tents for the night. Then you'll dine on a hot meal, typically steak or fish, that has been grilled camp side. Check with outdoor adventure centers in your destination of choice to plan your next multi-day river vacation.

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