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What adventure travel opportunities does Micronesia have to offer?

Adventure Travel Micronesia

Micronesia's core islands of Pohnpei, Yap, Kosrae and Chuuk and they offer a diverse range of natural ecosystems, from mangrove swamps to lush tropical rainforest and pristine coral reefs. A once-in-a-lifetime adventure travel experience awaits visitors on bird watching tours, snorkeling tours or scuba diving tours. The islands are blessed with many indigenous and introduced bird species.

* The lucky visitor may even spot the occasional rare deer, monitor lizard or fruit bat in the more rural areas.
* The surrounding coral reefs abound with tropical fish of every description and colors, as well as marine turtles and manta rays.
* The surrounding oceans are home to several large species of game fish such as marlin, mahi-mahi, tuna, barracuda, sailfish and assorted bottom fish.

What adventure travel opportunities does Tahiti have to offer?

Adventure Travel Tahiti

Tahiti has a beautiful waterfront where yachts, ferries and cargo boats come and go, and a thriving market full of the South Pacific atmosphere of French Polynesia. There are abundant cafés, and eateries along this strip and it's a lovely place to mill about and soak up the scene. Tahiti and Tahitian Resorts are also a famous honeymoon destination.

Tahiti's lush and rugged interior offers endless possibilities for hiking and trekking, from the leisurely to the very strenuous, and reveals a landscape of soaring peaks that rise to Mt Orohena at 2241m (7350ft). There are also wildlife tours, jungle tours and Polynesian relics - including the unusual archaeology sites, tiki and petroglyphs of Marae Arahurahu.

What adventure travel opportunities does Antigua have to offer?

Adventure Travel Antigua

This jewel of the Caribbean has warm, steady winds, a complex coastline of safe harbors, and a protective wall of coral reef. Antigua was a perfect place to hide a fleet, as Admiral Horatio Nelson did in 1784.

Over 200 years later the same unique characteristics that attracted British sailing ships make Antigua and Antigua Resorts one of the Caribbean's premier travel destinations for first-class hotels, guided snorkeling tours, scuba diving tours, and adventure cruises.

What adventure travel opportunities does St. Lucia have to offer?

Adventure Travel St. Lucia

The island of St. Lucia is for Caribbean travelers seeking pleasure and enrichment through the wonder of the undiscovered, the adventure of the unfamiliar, the freshness of the unspoiled and the stimulation of the exotic. Diving, snorkeling, sailing, yachting, wind surfing, hiking, running, scuba diving tours, snorkeling tours, and wildlife tours are just a few of the adventure activities awaiting you in St. Lucia. After your daily workout, relax in a spa or have a massage at any of our world-class international hotels and resorts.

What adventure travel opportunities do the Bahamas have to offer?

Adventure Travel Bahamas

Blessed with the perfect travel location; less than 100 miles off the coast of Florida, the perfect Caribbean climate averaging a little over 75 degrees, the hotels of Nassau are convenient to crystal clear turquoise blue waters, pearly white beaches, outstanding international hotels.

The Islands of the Bahamas are perfect for snorkeling tours, the best golf courses, cruising adventures, or scuba diving tours.

What adventure travel opportunities does Fiji have to offer?

Adventure Travel Fiji

Fiji has over 300 islands in its South Pacific archipelago, each fringed with coral reefs and lapped by warm azure waters; the scuba diving tours and snorkeling tours are superb.

These islands are a favorite honeymoon spot, resort location and adventure travel destination. Amid its wealth of natural beauty, Fiji's true magic lies in its indigenous people and the fascinating blend of their diverse cultures.

Fiji is an interesting blend of influences including:

* Melanesian
* Polynesian
* Micronesian
* Indian
* Chinese
* European

What adventure travel opportunities does Indonesia have to offer?

Adventure Travel Indonesia

The floating emerald islands Bali, Sumatra, and Java have for centuries lured everyone from missionaries to pirates, mining companies and backpackers to their sandalwood and spice breezes, set against a backdrop of magnificent beaches, mountains and volcanoes.

Refreshingly, much of the country remains barely touched by mass tourism and travel. Indonesia's thousands of islands and multitude of cultures still offer excellent snorkeling tours and scuba diving tours for adventure travelers that are hard to find in the developed world.

What adventure travel opportunities does Jamaica have to offer?

Adventure Travel Jamaica

Jamaica and Jamaican Resorts are one of the most alluring travel destinations of the Caribbean islands. Its beaches, mountains and carnal red sunsets regularly appear in the sort of tourist brochures that promise reggae accented paradise.

Unlike other nearby islands, it caters to all comers: you can choose a five-star hotel, a private villa with your own private beach, enjoy guided snorkeling tours, scuba diving tours, laugh your vacation away at a party-hearty resort, enjoy some of the best golf courses, throw yourself into the thick of the island's life or lounge at one of their excellent international hotels and resorts.

What adventure travel opportunities does Russia have to offer?

Adventure Travel Russia

Most outsiders have only a hazy idea of Russia's realities. This is a land of snow and deadly winters, but also of rich history, vibrant culture, rivers that meander across meadows and a midsummer sun that never sets. Its people, in the words of a Russian proverb, 'love to suffer', yet they also love to party and can be disarmingly generous and hospitable. Find that hospitality in excellent international hotels and adventure tours at Russian resorts. A composite of the extravagant history of old Russia and the drab legacies of the Soviet era, it's a country that both befuddles and beguiles.

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