Hiking Socks

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What kind of socks should I wear when hiking?

Hiking Socks

Next to your boots--literally--the most important piece of hiking and trekking gear is a good pair of socks.

* When you buy socks, turn them inside out and look at the fine loops of thread you see in the cushioned areas. The greater the density of these loops, the more cushioning the socks will provide.
* Dense socks will also wick away perspiration more efficiently, keeping your feet cooler in the summer and warmer in winter.

Hiking on your adventure vacation is always a great activity and it appropriate almost anywhere. From Canada to Scotland to Belize you have a ton of adventure hiking options from which to choose. No matter your destination though, you need high quality footwear to support you. Blisters or foot problems that can develop will not only put a damper on your adventure travel, they can cause long term problems.



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