First Aid Kits

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First Aid Kits

Keeping a first aid kit in your car, luggage, boat, or home is always a good idea in case of a minor medical emergency. Regardless of the situation, there are some basic essentials that should prepare you for most accidents or illnesses.

Addresses and phone numbers to local hospitals

Medicine for upset stomach or diarrhea.

Cough and cold medicines

Pain medicine, ibuprofen for anti-swelling

Antihistamines for allergies

Nasal decongestants


Antibiotic ointment


Lip balm

Hydrocortisone cream

Motion sickness medicine

Antiseptic wipes

Electrolyte packs


Mole skin for blisters


Insect repellent

Anti-malarial medicines (depending on where you go)

Urinary tract infections meds

Throat Lozenges

Prescription Medicines



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