Cage Diving

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Cage Diving

For those who can't pull themselves away from the TV during ‘Shark Week', cage diving is the perfect adventure for them. Cage Diving gives shark enthusiasts the opportunity to view their favorite predators in their natural environment.

The main way to experience shark diving is in a cage attached to the side of a boat. Divers are dressed in wetsuits and masks, and air is supplied either through hoses connected to the boat or with snorkels. To encourage the arrival of the sharks, boating crews throw chum out into the water to lure them near the cages.

There are also a few cage diving operators that have submersible cages that lower you down to around 25' deep so the sharks can be seen from all angles.

Some of the species of sharks that can be viewed during cage diving are the Black Tip, White Tip Reef, Gray Nurse, Tiger, and the most feared Great White Sharks.

The most popular locations for cage diving:

Shark Alley, South Africa

Farralon Islands, near San Francisco, United States

Isla Guadalupe, off the Baja Peninsula, Mexico

Tiger Island, Bahamas

The Neptune Islands, off the Eyre Peninsula in Australia

The Great Barrier Reef, off the Northeastern coast of Australia



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