Adventure Travel Peru

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What adventure travel opportunities does Peru have to offer?

Adventure Travel Peru

Peru contains a microcosm of what South America has to offer.

* A diverse terrain ranges from dramatic snow-capped mountains to vast swathes of accessible virgin rainforest and an arid desert coast.
* It is most famous for the well-preserved archaeology sites and cultural remnants of the pre-Columbian Incas such as the famous city of Machu Piccu.
* Travelers are drawn to the unusual archaeology sites of other Inca citadels in the beautiful Sacred Valley, close to the lovingly preserved city of Cusco, whose colonial structures were built on Inca foundations.
* The spectacular Colca Canyon, the dazzling blue waters of Lake Titicaca and the lodges of the Amazon basin offer the visitor the opportunity to enjoy boating tours, kayaking, snorkeling tours and scuba diving tours.



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