Survival - Finding Fresh Water

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What do I do if I'm out of water when hiking?

Survival - Finding Fresh Water

If while hiking during your vacation you find yourself lost in the wilderness without fresh water, you can make a solar still by digging a hole in the ground about three feet across.

* In the bottom of the hole, place a cup.
* Next, cover the hole with a sheet of clear plastic, and place a pebble in the center to form an inverted cone. Make sure the point of the cone is directly over the cup.
* The sun's rays will draw moisture out of the ground, where it will condense on the plastic and drip into the cup.
* If you have a length of rubber tubing, put one end in the cup and run the other end outside the pit, so you can drink from the still without disassembling it.
* You can also pour contaminated water into the ground around the cup, or add green leaves to further increase the yield.

The components of a solar still weigh next to nothing, and should be part of any wilderness survival kit. A survival kit should be a part of every adventure travelers repertoire. You should include a first aid kit, packaged foods that are long lasting and full of nutrients and protein and potential signal methods or communication devices. Your adventure travel survivor kit should be like your American Express card, don't leave home without it!



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