Snorkel Equipment - Fins

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Do I need to wear fins when snorkeling?

Snorkel Equipment - Fins

There are two types of snorkel fins, adjustable open heel and full foot, and each have advantages and disadvantages.

Open heel fins have adjustable straps on the back making them easier to put on and take off as well as fit correctly. The disadvantages to these types of fins are that they tend to be a little heavier and bulkier, and they require booties to protect the foot and heels. The advantage is that snorkelers can buy a variety of booties to wear for different temperatures, and can adjust the fins to fit around each bootie. Fins with adjustable straps can also be worn with scuba gear.

Full foot fins are not adjustable, but provide more protection for your heels. They are worn barefoot, which does not make them ideal for cold water. These fins are lighter, so they are easier to bring along when traveling.

Just like shoes, fins should be tried on before purchasing. When trying out open heel fins, do so while wearing the booties you are planning on using with them. When trying on either type of fin, move your feet around in all directions and wiggle toes to be sure that the fins fit comfortably and snugly. Fins that are too tight will rub and lead to blisters, and fins that are too loose may fall off or move too much while swimming.



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