Scuba Diving And Boat Traffic

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Should I be concerned about boat traffic when scuba diving?

Scuba Diving And Boat Traffic

One very important scuba diving safety tip involves scuba diving with boat traffic.

* Before surfacing from a dive, look and carefully listen for boat engines, which can approach very rapidly, seemingly out of nowhere.
* When swimming on the surface, always be prepared to make an emergency dive should a boat approach.
* Above all, never attempt to swim back to your dive boat from underwater. Slowly ascend a few yards away from the boat, and approach it on the surface only when you are sure that a crew member has seen you and that the boat is stationary.

Of course, many adventure travel destinations are remote and so you won't have to deal with boat traffic, but you should always think about safety when you duck under and surface. Diving and adventure travel absolutely go hand in hand, so whether you travel to Costa Rica, Fiji or Hawaii, make the most of your diving adventure!



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