Scuba Diving And Air Supply

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How do I control my air comsumption when scuba diving?

Scuba Diving And Air Supply

Some simple tips to regulating your air supply while scuba diving on your adventure travel vacation, no matter which exciting destination you choose to explore:

* Monitoring air supply is an important factor to safe scuba diving so you should practice controlling and reducing your air consumption.
* Swim slowly and efficiently and don't wave your arms around or make rapid body movements.
* Rather than hyperventilating, deliberately take long, slow breaths and exhale slowly. Experienced scuba divers never hold their breath. * If you are still having trouble keeping up with the air-consumption of your dive buddies or the dive guide, make a point of swimming ten feet shallower than the others in your group. Depth directly affects your air consumption.
* Relax, control your breathing, and you will become a better diver.



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