Caving Liability And Permission

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Will I need to sign a waver to go caving?

Caving Liability And Permission

When taking on a caving adventure, consider hiring a guide. They will do a better job of keeping you safe, and they know the best spots. Remember a few things about hiring a cave guide on your adventure vacation:

* A good caving guide will not let anyone go caving underground without the proper caving equipment. You should ask the travel company what kind of equipment you need to bring to be prepared for your spelunking adventure.
* A "wild" cave means no stairs, no lights, no railings. In this situation, having an experience caver along is really best for everyone's safety.
* Caves are generally on private property and some may be gated and locked. Most guides already have permission to go caving on the premisses.
* You may have to sign a liability insurance waver, so be prepared.



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