Caving Lights

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What kind of caving lights should I use?

Caving Lights

A key to safe adventure caving is lighting. Some lighting tips for your spelunking adventure:

* Carbide lamps may be getting old fashioned for caving equipment, but they're a great source of light when caving underground that could last for hours and provide heat to warm you up during a caving trip.
* During a break, give your electric lights and batteries a rest and snack by the warm glow of candle light. You can even heat up your beef jerky on it.
* Having a light attached to your helmet will free up both of your hands when caving. Duct tape will hold any flashlight on in an emergency.
* Make sure to bring at least three good sources of light when caving. You don't want to end up in the dark when your main caving light loses power!



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