Canoeing Safely and Respectfully

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How much canoeing experience should I have?

Canoeing Safely and Respectfully

Some tips on Canoe safety and canoe etiquette:

* Keep your canoe under control. Control must be good enough at all times to stop or reach shore. If you don't have control, you may put yourself and your fellow canoe mates in danger.
* Before going on a canoeing trip, assess your canoeing ability. If you feel as though you need some practice, find a local canoe rental facility and get some lessons, or just spend some time in a canoe bofore your trip.
* Enter into situations according to your abilities. Make sure you are honest with yourself and your canoe travel guide. For instance, don't enter an area of fast current unless you feel sure you can safely paddle through.
* On many rivers throughout America, you will be sharing the river with fishermen. Respect fishermen and anglers. Paddle your canoe to the shore opposite of their lines and pass by quietly.



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