Preparing For A Hot Air Balloon Ride

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How do I dress for a balloon ride, and what if I'm afraid of heights?

Preparing For A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Dress warmly and casually for a hot air balloon flights. Pants, sturdy flat shoes and layers of shirt, sweater, jacket are ideal.

Generally during a hot air balloon flight it gets colder by about 3.5 degrees colder for each 1,000 feet of altitude. Balloons fly from just about tree level height to about 3,000 feet. Carry cameras and lots of film, and have a suitable soft case with you in which to stow the camera during the landing.

Initially some people can be worried about heights. Let the hot air balloon pilot know before the flight, and they will stay low until you are comfortable. Sometimes passengers aren't even aware they have left the ground. As the balloon is moving with the wind, there is no turbulence so that you could not possibly fall out of the basket. The ride is so smooth that you hardly feel the slightest breeze making this a wonderful, gentle adventure travel option.



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