The Best Times To Go Ballooning

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What's the best time to go hot air ballooning?

The Best Times To Go Ballooning

Ballooning needs stable winds to operate effectively and the hours just following sunrise are the best for finding these calm gentle winds. In some parts of the world hot air balloons also fly best in the hours just before sunset. The weather is cooler then and the balloon flies better in cooler weather since the hot air gets a better "lift."

In addition, hot air balloon rides include the splendor of a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Today you can find ballooning experiences all over the world making this one of the most wonderful adventure travel experiences. The best part is that anyone can do it because it doesn't include the physical strain of many other adventure travel activities like caving, hiking or snorkeling. Seeing scenery from on high in Turkey, New Zealand and in the tropics will give you a birds eye view and some wonderful memory making opportunities.



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