Benefit of Truck Stops for Road Trippers

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How can I use a truck stop while on a road trip?

Benefit of Truck Stops for Road Trippers

While rest areas are nice for road trippers, truck stops provide ten times the conveniences. You do not have to be a truck driver to benefit from the services offered at truck stops. For less than $10 you can take a hot shower at a truck stop, which covers one of the most common needs you will have while traveling. Additionally, truck stops offer some of the cleanest restrooms on the roadways.

For entertainment, truck stops provide a lounge with a TV and comfortable seating for a much needed rest from the rigors of the road. Most truck stops offer Wi-Fi, fax machines, copy machines and pay telephones, as well as FedEx and UPS shipping services.

Truck stops also offer hot meals, typically buffet style or via fast food chain restaurants in-store, as well as snacks, cold drinks and the most necessary of all items--coffee. You can also find:
DVDs and audiobooks for rent
Portable DVD players
GPS systems
Touristy gifts
Road maps
Basic and intermediate tool kits
Replacement parts for lights and other vehicle accessories



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