Save Money on Airline Costs

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Is it cheaper to fly or drive to a vacation destination?

Save Money on Airline Costs

If you are traveling within the States, consider the cost of airline tickets versus the cost of fuel. If you own or rent a car that has good fuel economy, chances are you can save 3/4 the costs of travel. For example, a trip from Sioux Falls, SD to Seattle, WA for a single person by plane is an estimated $600 round trip airfare. However, the same trip will cost someone driving a fuel efficient car, rather than a truck or SUV, $250 in gas both ways. Once you arrive at your destination, you will not need to pay for public transportation, unless you choose to, nor will you need to rent a vehicle. The convenience of having the comfort of your own car can be quite nice for travelers.

Along the way, you have the chance to make memories unavailable for those traveling by plane. And often times the amount of time you spend at the airport and in the air is equal to or greater than the amount you would have spent on the road driving. Additionally, if you are traveling with children or other people, airfare costs rack up substantially. Meanwhile, younger children need time to get energy out while traveling, and a rest area is much more appealing than a crowded airport or plane for running and playing.



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