Emergency Survival

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What do I need for hiking or trekking in case of an emergency?

Emergency Survival

Create an emergency survival kit to prepare you for any type of emergency, such as a forest fire, natural disaster or physical injury. You need to have a kit for each member of your camping party. Each kit should be stored in a durable, camping backpack. Pack three gallons of water, a three-day supply of nonperishable food, a first aid kit, a flashlight, a battery-powered radio, one change of clothing, plastic sheeting, duct tape and extra batteries. While you can prep your kit ahead of time to use for multiple camping excursions, you should check your kits seasonally to make sure food hasn't spoiled or the water isn't leaking, and to change the clothing so it is appropriate for the weather. Also, if you are taking medications, keep a supply of the medication in your kit. Other items to include are copies of your personal identification, a notebook, pens, up-to-date family photos and a personal item, such as a stuffed animal or lucky sock. The last item listed here is essential for helping individuals cope in the case that they find themselves lost on the trail.



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