Jellyfish Island, Palau

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Jellyfish Island, Palau

Snorkelers visiting Micronesia will want to make a stop at Jellyfish Lake in Palau for an out-of-this-world experience. Jellyfish Lake, or Ongeim’l Tketau to locals, is located on the island of Eil Malk in Palau. The 12-acre lake is one of 70 marine lakes in Palau, and is home to millions of sting-free jellyfish of all sizes.

The popular myth is that the jellyfish were stranded in the lake millions of years ago, and because there were isolated from predators, they lost their ability to sting. Marine biologists explain that the jellyfish actually have stingers that they use to prey on zooplankton, but are too small to cause more than a slight tingle to human skin.

Tour operators and dive companies from Koror bring tourists by boat to the island where they must complete a short, but steep, hike to reach the lake. Scuba diving is not allowed in the lake, however snorkeling without the use of fins is permitted. Tourists with jellyfish allergies are encouraged to wear protective suits while snorkeling in the lake.



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