Jules Undersea Lodge

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Jules Undersea Lodge

Beneath a quiet lagoon in Key Largo, Florida lies a one of a kind underwater lodge. The Jules Undersea Lodge lies 21 feet below the water, and is accessible only with scuba gear.

The lodge was once used as a research lab that explored the continental shelf outside of Puerto Rico, now it’s located inside the Key Largo Undersea Park’s Emerald Lagoon. Guests use scuba gear to reach the lodge, and enter it through a large hole in the bottom that is always open. To keep water from entering into the lodge, compressed air is constantly pumped in. The habitat has it’s own support system, and also a system that is run from a 24 hour crew on land.

Once inside, the underwater motel offers guests views of the underwater park through 42” round windows, a stocked kitchen, movies, books, hot showers, and even air conditioning.

Guests can relax in the underwater habitat, or get out and explore the marine park. The underwater park features a marine archaeology exhibit, underwater research and education habitat, and a mangrove lagoon full of marine life. The park offers a variety of dive certification classes, including an Underwater Habitat/Aquanaut dive specialty certification.

Non-divers can experience the lagoon and the lodge after a three-hour introductory course.



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