Entering the Water from a Boat

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Entering the Water from a Boat

There are a few ways to enter the water from a boat.

The giant stride entry works well on boats with swimming platforms. Prepare for the entry by checking the water to make sure it is deep enough and there are no obstructions. When ready, put on snorkel gear and stand at the edge of the swim platform. Hold mask and snorkel to your face with one hand, and take a giant step off the platform and into the water. Scissor kick your legs together when you hit the water to push yourself to the surface faster.

Another option for boats with a swimming platform is the slide in entry. Once gear is on, seat yourself at the edge of the platform. Turn body so both hands are on one side of you holding on to the platform, then slowly turn and lower your body into the water, supporting yourself with your hands until you are comfortably situated in the water.

The back roll is the preferred entry method on boats without platforms, such as inflatable boats. Put snorkel gear on and sit on the edge of the boat with back towards the water. Hold mask and snorkel to face, lean backwards, and roll into the water.



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