Interacting with Marine Life

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Interacting with Marine Life

Snorkeling gives us a chance to swim over coral reefs, explore kelp forests, and come face to face with creatures of the sea. Observing marine life in its natural environment can be an adventure of a lifetime. Some fish may seem friendly and come right up to you, but remember marine life can be unpredictable and even dangerous. Following a few rules can make it a safe and enjoyable experience for both man and fish.

* The number one rule to interacting with marine life is Do Not Touch. Some animals may bite or sting when touched.
* Coral is alive, and very fragile. Just touching coral can kill it, so do not touch coral, stand on it, or break a piece off for a souvenir.
* Be respectful. Don’t chase or try to ride any of the marine life.
* Do not feed the fish.
* Keep an eye on your surrounding so you know if any sea creatures are in your vicinity. Accidentally touching them could result in a bite or sting.
* Don’t take anything out of the water, besides trash you may find.

* To see the most marine life, snorkel close to reefs.



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