Cripple Creek

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What was it like to pan for gold, to live in the 1800's?

Cripple Creek

A Gold Mining Community

For anyone who has ever dreamed of living in an old town in the 1800's and making a fortune mining for gold, Cripple Creek, Colorado, offers a return to the old days. Gold mining was the main attraction for those who hoped to make their fortune, and visitors today can still pan for gold. Many of those who looked for gold gambled some or all of their money away on cards or some other game of chance. While big gambling has long since been banned, visitors today can bet small stakes of $5 or less on slot machines, video or live poker games, and blackjack tables.

There is plenty to do today in Cripple Creek. Visitors can be entertained with year round music, theater, and family fun at the Butte Opera House, visit the Cripple Creek District Museum to learn about the town's past, ride on the Cripple Creek and Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad, and be entertained in a variety of other ways.



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